Upcoming Classes

HandsFree Thai Massage - Level 1
Oct 24

HandsFree Thai Massage - Level 2
Oct 27

An Introduction to Ayurveda
Nov 1

Introduction to Thai Bodywork
Nov 4

Level 1: Thai Massage Fundamentals
Nov 7

Community Sharing & Practice Day
Nov 11

Regional Anatomy
Nov 14

Clinical Thai Bodywork: Low Back, Sacral, Gluteal & Pelvic Pain
Nov 15

Thai Herbal Compress (Luk Pra Kob)
Nov 21

Level 1: Thai Massage Fundamentals
Dec 5

Clinical Thai Bodywork Fundamentals - 1 Day
Dec 8

Regional Anatomy
Dec 12

Clinical Thai Bodywork: Mid-Back, Chest & Abdominal Pain
Dec 13

Level 1: Thai Massage Fundamentals
Jan 2

Level 2: Therapeutic Thai Massage Fundamentals
Jan 7

Level 3: Northern Style Thai Massage
Jan 16

Level 1: Thai Massage Fundamentals
Feb 27

Studying at Thai Bodywork School of Thai Massage

Learn Therapeutic Thai Bodywork from the Ground Up

Thai massage classes at Thai BodyworkThai massage education is not about showing the student various techniques and having them mimic the instructor without real understanding. Unfortunately, this is the predominant method of teaching in the Thai massage world.

As a beginner, we help you learn how to move and work sustainably, to understand how to truly effect change in the body, to understand muscle function and trigger point theory and referral patterns, and to learn techniques in a context of why they are applicable and how they work. We prepare you at each step for the next level of learning. Your work is constantly supervised by an experienced instructor who provides immediate feedback to help you improve.

Unique Features of the Thai Bodywork Program

Where to Start

Our format is designed to be flexible, so that we can accomodate the needs of different types of students, from beginners to professionals. Here are some suggested starting points depending on your situation:

Student Profile Courses to Take
Massage therapist looking for CE hours Level 1 or AP1
Massage therapist looking to pursue certification in Thai bodywork Level 1 or AP1
A therapist with existing Thai training looking to add knowledge Level 1, AP1, HandsFree 1, LPK, CTB classes
A beginner wanting to see if they would be interested in more study Level 1 (can observe first evening for free)
A therapist with existing Thai training looking to get certified in Thai Bodywork Level 1 or AP1
Interested in Thai bodywork but want to know more Free Intro Evening
Interested in related topics (herbs, therapeutic flying, yoga...) Events

Thai Bodywork's program provides the highest quality training in Traditional Thai massage in a very efficient weekend intensive format. We build your skills and knowledge from the ground up, and do not require any particular background upon entering the program. We understand the needs of the beginner, and use principles from yoga and martial arts to teach the art of fluid full-body movement that is essential to Thai yoga.

Level 1: Thai Massage Fundamentals

As an entry point, all students are welcome to take our Level 1: Thai Massage FundamentalsThis is a highly regarded, one-weekend training (no prior experience in massage is required) that teaches important fundamentals. It is the gateway to the rest of our program. When you complete Level 1, you not only can perform a practical, enjoyable and effective 1-hour Thai massage sequence, but more importantly, you understand how to learn Thai massage and how to work with efficiency and fluidity. 

Whether you intend to become a professional Thai massage practitioner, or just want to learn about Thai massage and perhaps earn professional CEUs, Level 1 is a great way to get started. Please see our student comments to see what past students think of our program.

Continuing Education

Thai Bodywork is approved by NCBTMB for continuing education in massage, which most states honor for state licensing requirements. All of our courses provide CE hours in massage, and some are also approved for Physical Therapy in IL and WI. All courses are approved as Continuing Education courses by NCBTMB. Some are also approved for continuing education in Physical Therapy. Our curriculum includes traditional Thai sequences, HandsFree Thai, Clinical Thai Bodywork, Thai herbal compress certification, and more.  Click here for detailed information about our curriculum...

Certification Programs

We offer two levels of certification.  Our Thai Bodywork Practitioner (TBP) Certification is a 220-hour program that establishes basic professional competency. Our Clinical Thai Bodywork Practitioner (CTBP) Certification builds on the TBP program.  In this program, practitioners learn to work intelligently, analyzing and addressing specific client issues, including an extensive period of apprenticeship and working directly with instructors.