Upcoming Classes

Level 1: Thai Massage Fundamentals
Dec 5

Clinical Thai Bodywork Fundamentals - 1 Day
Dec 8

Regional Anatomy
Dec 12

Clinical Thai Bodywork: Mid-Back, Chest & Abdominal Pain
Dec 13

Level 1: Thai Massage Fundamentals
Jan 2

Level 2: Therapeutic Thai Massage Fundamentals
Jan 7

Level 3: Northern Style Thai Massage
Jan 16

Clinical Thai Bodywork: Shoulder, Upper Back & Arm Pain
Feb 6

HandsFree Thai Massage - Level 1
Feb 20

Level 1: Thai Massage Fundamentals
Feb 27

Thai Herbal Compress (Luk Pra Kob)
Mar 13

Clinical Thai Bodywork: Hand, Elbow & Forearm Pain
Mar 20

Functional Anatomy for Thai Massage and Yoga
Mar 27

Level 1: Thai Massage Fundamentals
Apr 3

Level 2: Therapeutic Thai Massage Fundamentals
Apr 8

Clinical Thai Bodywork: Hip, Thigh, Knee & Groin Pain
May 1

Clinical Thai Bodywork: Foot, Ankle & Lower Leg Pain
May 4

Level 1: Thai Massage Fundamentals
May 29


Thai Bodywork Studio

Visiting Thai Bodywork School of Thai Massage in Evanston IL

537 Custer Ave. Suite 5
Evanston, IL 60202



Visiting Evanston

The studio is 10 blocks from downtown Evanston, with many fine shops, hotels and restaurants.  Located just north of Chicago, Evanston has a stunning natural setting on Lake Michigan with unique business districts, attractive homes on tree-lined streets, and pleasant public parks. Evanston is home to Northwestern University, with great beaches and many interesting shops and restaurants, and it is within a few minutes of Chicago. Our teaching studio is close to public transportation, Lake Michigan, several shopping districts, and is walking distance from some of the best restaurants in the city and a Whole Foods supermarket.  There are many wonderful shops and restaurants within walking distance for lunch breaks.

Please see our Places to Stay in Evanston page for help in locating accommodations while you are attending Thai yoga therapy classes. We have accommodations available in our studio and there are also hotels and bed and breakfasts available in the area.  Students with a car sometimes stay in nearby Skokie, Morton Grove or Lincolnwood, where hotels are somewhat lower cost.