Thai Bodywork Certified Instructors

Thai Bodywork Certified Instructors (TBI) go through a rigorous training program to ensure that the curriculum is delivered at a high level of skill. First and foremost, each instructor must be an experienced and effective Thai bodywork practitioner prior to being accepted in the instructor program. Students may study interchangeably with any instructor in our program. Instructors certify separately for each course they teach, and not all instructors teach all courses. Please contact the individual instructor for details on their offerings.

Certified Instructors

Jill Duncan

  • Wellness by Jill

    Saint Louis, MO

  • Jill is a Thai Massage therapist, Nationally Certified Licensed Massage Therapist, Yoga teacher, Personal Wellness Chef and founder of Wellness by Jill.

    She began her Thai training in 2001 with SomaVeda and began taking classes at Thai Bodywork in 2006. She is a Certified Thai Bodywork Practitioner (TBP) and has completed the Clinical Thai Bodywork course work and focuses on resolving pain issues and dysfunction in the body.

    Jill has a thriving Thai bodywork practice in St. Louis, MO, where she is offering Thai Bodywork classes.

Rob Murray

  • Orlando School of Thai Massage

    Orlando, FL

  • Rob finished his BS with Honors in Exercise Physiology/Pre-med and Athletic Training from the University of Florida in 1998. He became a massage therapist and also pursued an athletic interest as an Olympic-level skeleton slider on the US Nation Skeleton Team.

    He first learned Thai massage techniques from his Thai mother, Wong, and in 2006 decided to commit to the Thai Bodywork program. Rob became a Certified Thai Bodywork Instructor with Chuck Duff and opened his school in Orlando in 2007.

Mariko Huette

  • Jynba

    Bedford, NH

  • Mariko is a licensed massage therapist in New Hampshire since 2000. She has taken various continuing education courses in medical massage, and practices deep tissue modalities.

    Mariko began her training in Thai Bodywork in 2006 under Chuck Duff at Thai Bodywork School of Thai Massage in Illinois. She is a Certified Thai Bodywork Instructor and teaches several courses in the Thai Bodywork curriculum in New Hampshire.

    As well as being a massage therapist for people, Mariko is also a certified equine massage therapist. Earning her intermediate instructors qualifications through the British Horse society in 1986, prior to this career Mariko taught competitive dressage for over ten years in Japan. This has given her a keen eye for balance both in horse and people, and she loves to work with the dual dynamics of equine sports.

    In 2008, Mariko developed Euqi-thai, an equine massage using hot Thai herbal compresses in conjunction with traditional massage techniques. She is also currently conducting Equi-thai workshops for horse owners.

    Mariko can be reached at 603-560-8966 or

Betsy Trapasso

  • Goddess Hands

    Los Angeles, CA

  • Betsy was Assistant Instructor at Thai Bodywork for 6 years and helped Chuck build the school into a national presence as it is today. She was a key contributor to the TBP course curriculum.

    Betsy received her MSW from the University of Southern California and was a hospice social worker for many years prior to training in Thai massage.

    Betsy trained extensively in the USA, Canada and Thailand. She is now offering Thai Bodywork approved Thai massage classes in Los Angeles, California and other nearby cities. She is a Certified Massage Therapist in California, CMT #10535.

    Betsy may be contacted at or 310-954-1424 ext 2.

Dyan Jacquin

  • Chicago, IL

  • Dyan attended the Soma Institute for Clinical Massage, graduated in 2001 with honors and later became a faculty member of that school, teaching anatomy and physiology among other parts of the curriculum. She teaches Anatomy and Physiology at Thai Bodywork and is a certified Level 1 Thai Bodywork Instructor as well. Dyan has built upon her extensive knowledge of clinical massage with various eastern and western modalities, and has a full time private practice in which works with professional athletes, dancers, and others.