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Did you know that improving the quality of life with a weekly massage is possible. The benefits of regular massage are fully proven in different studies, especially when looking for certain therapeutic effects, from relieving back pain or headache to fighting stress and anxiety. The fact that we feel that other hands are taking care of us has, in itself, a very beneficial effect on our emotional state. That’s why we say that we have to put ourselves in good hands..

Quality of life is more important than life itself. What a great truth! Life must be enjoyed, enjoying the little moments and seeking a well-being that goes beyond the material. Thus, one earns in years of life, but also life in years.

What influence does a regular massage have on the quality of life?

A regular massage helps to achieve the health and wellbeing objectives of any healthy person, alleviating their discomfort and thus contributing to improving their quality of life. In people with health problems, massage can also be a good adjuvant to treatments prescribed by the doctor and help reduce the discomfort caused by them. Let’s see why…

  • The massage relaxes body and mind. This is a fundamental reason in these times, where everything is in a hurry. When you get a massage, it is easy to get lost in a timeless journey where minutes stop and there is no room for stress or anxiety. It has been proven that the feeling of sliding from other hands reduces levels of cortisol, the “stress hormone”, which is released by our body in response to psychological or physical stress.
  • Massage relieves muscle and joint pain. It fights pain that can appear after office hours or physical fatigue.
  • Massage helps strengthen the immune system.
  • Massage promotes a good flow in the lymphatic system.
  • Massage promotes venous return and prevents the appearance of oedemas.
  • Massage relieves premenstrual pain. For many women, it is a relief to which they can turn, since it relaxes the abdominal and lumbar muscles, which are in hyper-excitement.
  • Massage is used to treat chronic back pain and other pains, such as headaches.

What types of massage are there?

Physiotherapy massages are focused on the anatomy. They serve to combat muscle and joint problems. They decontract and stretch the areas with accumulated pain and tiredness. Although they are indicated for purely physical problems, such as osteoarticular injuries and rehabilitation processes, among others, their power reaches the whole body.

Massages based on alternative therapies. This type of massage, unlike the previous ones, is based on the thesis that the body is composed of body and mind as a whole, and that neither part can be treated separately. Already in the 17th century, in contrast to the thinking of all his contemporaries and predecessors, that feelings and emotions are central aspects of life, and he blurred the line between body and mind.

Thai massage and quality of life

One of the alternative massage therapies that improves more quality of life is Thai massage. Traditional Thai massage is characterized by implementing on the patient’s body a series of pressures and movements that make it less numb and more flexible.

Thai massage therapy in the traditional way on a futon. The feeling of weightlessness and lightness that you feel after each weekly session of traditional Thai massage is indescribable.